God and Country

by The Chris Haverland

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Thanks to Union Pacific and De Leon Ranch


released January 1, 2016

Performances, Engineering, Mixing and Mastering by Chris Haverland



all rights reserved


The Chris Haverland Los Angeles, California

singer songwriter



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Track Name: Midnight Blues
I left my heart in a battered girls' room.
I wet my bed 'til I was twenty two.
I smoked through all my Midnight Blues.
I threw my brains out on a starlit tomb.
I guess that's why they call it a blood moon.
I killed a dog on purpose in the right lane.
I drew my head left-handed with red oil paint.
Midnight Blues done give me the shakes.
Now I'm a former lover to a latter saint.
I guess that's why they call it a growing pain.
Putting sex on the bill,
I know I'm asking for a huge mistake.
I'm only waiting for the thrill
of sitting through an ugly wake.
I guess that's why they call me a manic man.
Track Name: God And Country
Look at you, and all the pretty things that you've got to do.
I know it's tough, but if you look down hard enough,
You can look at me.
Look at the way you're looking at me.
You know who you are to me.
I'm getting drunk every night I think about how
If I could, I would gun you down right here next to me
And run my hands across your skin, like I couldn't before.

Ugly man, misshapen woman,
I want to be under your spell again.

I'm hearing the sound of the feet in downtown
Walking around like they know how to live without
God or Country

I wonder what she's thinking right about now.
He looks so intense and his jokes stopped being funny.
I can smell it on his breath, but that's not what scares me anymore.

This shaken man just got out of prison,
He wants to know if I'm under his spell again.
Track Name: How Can Anyone Love You?
Found a new face that you haven't worn with a smile
Burnt down the only place that you felt saved
Rent out a space that you tried to turn your style
Someone told you that you weren't worth their while, I can tell
That nobody's loved you.
I've never loved you.
No one can love you.
Called out a name that you haven't heard and if you could
Take all those notes and make them sound good
You'd play that old song and give it a reconcile
Someone told you that you weren't worth their while, I can tell
That nobody's loved you.
How can anyone love you
If I've never loved you?
Track Name: Clock Monster
Who do you think I am?
Think I'm a monster?
I think you think I am.
I woke up by electric shock
And tried to hug my father.
I made friends with the clock.
I have met my maker.
Track Name: Hatchet
How deep did you bury that old hatchet now?
Did you make sure he was dead when you shot him down?
If he gets back up and comes back around,
Like a god, just like Jesus Christ did

I know you're scared, I can see it on your skin.
You smell like guilt and sex with strange men.
I know it won't be long 'til you get what you deserve,
Straight from God, from the devil in Hell.

Get it out your system, boy,
You've lost everything that you can lose.
You killed the only person that you could ever love,
And who would ever give a fuck about you.

Not even God, not even Jesus Christ.